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what is CoLab

CoLab, The link between… Is a one year program designed for young dancers who have finished their professional dance education. The goal of the program is make the gap between school and company/free scene smaller. The young dancers get the chance to work with different choreographers in the contemporary scene and perform their pieces in many different performance on and off stage.

the link, organisation

The link was founded in 2011 by Rolf and Jasmine Ackermann. Since the beginning the link is a place where people with many different interests or needs meet. The Link consists out of a health centre, body mind courses, a department for the arts, a massage school and last but not least a Dance School. Over the years The Link has grown into an established organisation. In 2019 it took it’s last leap… Our professional dance education became a reality. It is possible to complete your dance education in conjunction with two different qualifications, gymnasium or KV, alternatively you can simply complete your dance education on its own. On this page you find all information concerning this topic. Feel free to click the link logo here and find out more about the link and all its aspects.



*An absolved dance education

*Student visa’s

Online Audition

*Visual Materials:

-Ballet: Barre, 2 exercises in the Center, 2 turn exercises and 2 jump exercises.

-Contemporary: at least 5 exercises, containing: floor, standing, across the space, jumps.

-2 different improvisations, each improvisation maximum 2 minutes

-1 Solo, max 2 minutes

*Letter of motivation


*Send your application to

*On-line or personal meeting.


*Application Deadline, Audition: non-Swiss non-EU and non-Schengen Nationals 30.03.2024

*Application Deadline, audition: Swiss, EU and Schengen Nationals 30.05.2024


*For staying and or studying in switzerland you need a visa find out everything about your visa here Student visa’s

*Yearly fee: 8900.- CHF possible payment in instalments


*During your time at CoLab you will be supported to find lodging


Date Time event location
11.05.2024 14:30 TAK bern Tickets
11.05.2024 19:30 TAK bern Tickets
29.06.2024 14:30 TAK bern available soon
29.06.2024 19:30 TAK bern available soon