Teacher Edimealem Dahinden

Few things about me

Edi was born in 1983 in Ethiopia and has been living in Switzerland since 2015.
After his initial training as a circus artist and acrobat from 1999-2005 with the Ethiopian circus, Edi got a second degree at the Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia with a BA degree in computer science.
With different circus troops Edi toured as a juggler and aerial acrobat through many european countries, parts of Africa and Asia.
From 2010 till 2015 he worked mainly in the IT industry.
Since he has moved to Switzerland, Edi dedicated more of his time again to the circus arts and acrobatics and worked since at several different circus school in the surrounding area of Berne with children and teenagers and started to teach dance acrobatics at the Link in 2020.

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