Choreographer Erion Kruja

Few things about me

Erion is an Albanian-British choreographer who is based in London, UK. He has a diverse portfolio of work, ranging from purely physical dance performances to immersive shows that incorporate elements of theatre. Erion’s unique style is heavily influenced by his Albanian folk dance background, which imbues his work with raw, tribal grooves and a sense of vitality that runs deep in his blood. Erion is deeply inspired to explore the complex and multifaceted nature of human behaviour in his work, with all the subtleties, contradictions, and intricacies that come with it. He is a multi-talented artist, composing music, light design, costume design, and choreography to create works that display his ideas at their best. This holistic approach allows Erion to create cohesive, immersive experiences that captivate his audiences.

Through his dynamic and emotive choreography, Erion transports audiences to new worlds, immersing them in his creative vision.
With each new project, Erion challenges himself to explore new avenues of expression. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of his art, seeking to innovate and evolve as a choreographer. By experimenting with new styles, techniques, and forms, he is able to create fresh and exciting works that captivate audiences and challenge their expectations. Whether working with traditional forms or developing new ones, Erion’s dedication to his craft is evident in every step he takes. It is this commitment to exploration and growth that makes him such a dynamic artist.

Some of Erion’s recent works include “Human” at the Mannheim Theater, “The Lost Ones” at the Gelsenkirchen Theatre, “The Wanderers” at the Luzern Theater, and “The Perfect Land 3022” at the Chemnitz Theater.

Die Deutsche-Buhne Human:
“As a choreographer on the international stage has to be kept in mind”
“ A complex choreographic design, supported by an extraordinarily intensive lighting concept and the music by Kruja”

The Wanderers

Luzerner Zeitung
How Kruja stages it – with an ingenious lighting design – also hits us, viewers, like lightning in the heart.» (Luzerner Zeitung)

SRF Regionaljournal Zentralschweiz
«In the end, the whole thing culminates in impressive images. Successful, dancing symbols of the fragility of our society emerge. [to Erion Kruja]»

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