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Teacher Olive Lopez

Few things about me

Olive Lopez was born in 1987 and graduated in 2005 from High school in Neuchatel. She studied afterwards at the Codarts Dance School in Rotterdam where she graduated sucessfully with a Bachelor degree in dance. Already during her education she gained experience as a dancer performing alongside the Galili dance and Dansgroep Krizstina de Chatel dance companies.
Since her graduation in 2009 Olive has been working sucessfully over the past decade as a dancer and performer for Noord Netherlandse Dans, Het Lab Utrecht, Productiehuis Brabant, Conny Janssen Danst in the Netherlands, The Konzert Theater Bern in Switzerland and the Landerer & Company and MiR Dance Company in Germany.
During her career as a dancer she also gained her certification as a Gyrotonic teacher and is currently working on getting her MA degree in advanced studies (MAS) at the University of Berne.

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