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Educative profile

Our pre-professional Dance education at the link is a versatile education, where classical ballet and contemporary dance go hand in hand, with inputs from different dance styles. It provides a strong Base to prepare you for auditioning at professional dance school. It is also the best preparation for our own professional dance program. Classes are in the evenings and on Saturdays, designed to fit around your normal school program.


Classical Ballet, Pointe, different modern dance styles, Stretching, urban dance styles and choreography.


We have 2 different options, a 1 year and a 4 year program.

1 year

*All subjects are integrated in a 1 year pre-professional program.

*22 hours of dance classes a week (50%)

*Age: 15+

*Annual Fee: CHF 9300.-

4 years

*All subjects are split up over 4 years so you can combine it with your normal school or education program.

*5.5 hours of dance classes a week (10%)

*Age: 14+

* Annual Fee: ca. CHF 3500.-

* After absolving this education successfully you can start our professional dance education.

The link, organisation

The link was founded in 2011 by Rolf and Jasmine Ackermann. Since the beginning the link is a place where people with many different interests or needs meet. The Link consists out of a health centre, body mind courses, a department for the arts, a massage school and last but not least a Dance School. Over the years The Link has grown into an established organisation. In 2019 it took it’s last leap… Our professional dance education became a reality. It is possible to complete your dance education in conjunction with two different qualifications, gymnasium or KV, alternatively you can simply complete your dance education on its own. On this page you find all information concerning this topic. Feel free to click the link logo here and find out more about the link and all its aspects.


* auditions for the For the 4 year and 1 year program are possible

Audition possibilities


*2 years previous dance training

*Student visa’s

Online Audition


-Ballet: Barre, 2 exercises in the Center, 1 turn exercises and 1 jump exercises.

-Contemporary: at least 3 exercises, containing: floor, standing, across the space, jumps.

-Solo (max 2 minutes)

*Letter of motivation


*Send your application to

*zoom meeting or personal talk


*Application Deadline, Audition: non-Swiss non-EU and non-Schengen Nationals 30.03.2024

*Application Deadline, audition: Swiss, EU and Schengen Nationals 30.05.2024


We are working on creating a network to give foreign students the opportunity to live near our centre, Gymnasium or KV or / apprenticeship during their training. These will be rooms in a homestay. These rooms will be provided by host families, who take the students as part of their family.

Support our Students

We believe education should be accessible for everyone and should not yield economic benefits. Based on these beliefs , professional dance training at the link is structured as a “non-profit organisation”. All profits are funnelled back into education. This is our contribution to making education affordable. Nevertheless, we also need outside help for financially challenged families to enable their children to complete this education. With the options below, you can help to support them:

Scholarship Fund

The link’s philosophy is that every talented dancer who wishes to train should be offered the opportunity to do so. In an effort to make this philosophy a reality, we need an certain amount of funding every year to support those of our students in need of additional financial support.

This is where you can help. Why not donate to our student scholarship fund to support students directly? The fund helps to pay for the day to day necessities of being a student of dance – ballet shoes, tights, travel costs, auditions, accommodation costs, and tuition fees. These expenses can mount up as the year progresses.

Through your support, you can enable a student who demonstrates creative potential and excellence the financial support needed to access or continue their training to achieve their maximum potential.

CHF 20 – pays for a pair of soft ballet shoes (a typical student uses up to 12 pairs a year)

Some examples of the difference your donation can make to a young dancer’s training:

CHF 90 – pays for a pair of pointe shoes (a female dance student may go through 10 pairs each year)

CHF 200 – covers the cost to attend an EU audition

CHF 150 – pays for dancewear for one student for the year

CHF 500 – pays for one month’s accommodation costs

ca. CHF 4000 – pays for one term of tuition fees for a student


One of the most rewarding ways to help is to sponsor our students so they can fulfil their dream of becoming a professional artist . We put our trust in individuals, businesses and large companies to support these exceptional young dancers. You can choose one of our aspiring dancers to assist and support financially to enable this student’s education.

The cost of sponsoring a student is about CHF 12,000 per year (students train for 2-4 years). If you sponsor a student, you can track the progress of their education and know that their success has been achieved through your generosity.

Lodging Support

In order to enable foreign students to receive training, we need overnight accommodation in the area of Bern / Jegenstorf. If you have a family room for rent, you can allow a foreign student to study with us.

To support our students in any kind of these possibilities, please contact Rolf Ackermann through our contact form just below or call the link-office at +41 (0)31 762 03 03


date time event location
19.11.2022 09.00-17.00 Open-door day. the-link, Jegenstorf free entry
will be announced soon... 14.00 & 19.30 Lasting Traces V TAK, Bern available soon


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